Decobel Collection 2014



Keyword: amazing.

The 2014 Decobel Collection amazes and excites with sophisticated experimentation of surprising shapes, patterns and new techniques and thanks to its colours and details.
Featuring luxurious, intense, niche textiles that put the material centre stage and techno or flame-retardant fabrics plus those created with innovative finishes offering surprising possibilities, the Decobel 2014 collection ranges from classic formality to the most unusual of effects.



The most popular Decobel products, namely SOFT MARBLE 3053, BARNEBY 4020, VANITY 4030, SMOOTH 4051, PRAGMATIC 4080, ELEGANCE 4096, WISTERIA 3091, ALCEO 3212, DIOMEDE 3213 and LADONE 3214 have certain colours available in FAST SERVICE, in other words one roll (20, 25 or 50m depending on the product) ready for immediate delivery.
Download the list of products FAST SERVICE.



Our company was set up and has grown around velvet, it has made in-depth studies of its every detail, examined every aspect, enhanced its beauty with finishing processes and amplified its versatility with our rich, complete colour ranges. Ours is a story of passion, constantly evolving, which turns the innovation of velvet into its real strong point. Decobel plain velvets are products of excellence, their uniqueness guaranteed thanks to total control of the production chain, loved because resistant and strong over time and through the changing fashions.

Curtains Collection

The Decobel Curtain collection is precious, rich and luxurious: refined devoré, sophisticated jacquards and iridescent satins are used for luxury products that round out the Decobel Curtain collection.
The Curtain collection includes very generous widths, wool blends and viscose blends, silks and linens with big visual impact. Fabrics as real furnishing accessories that add elegance, suitable for various styles from classic to modern.
Filled with light, impacting and elegant, in this Curtain collection the quality of the materials is extremely high and recognisable, production processes are traditional but, as always, they nod the wink to the latest trends and patterns are modern and contemporary.



photo: MAJESTIC 3190, a curtain in leno weave Trevira. It is modern, sheer and has a metallic effect.

Il classico di tendenza

Loyal to its nature, Decobel continues its artistic research and study of materials, focusing on the public’s needs and constant product innovation. Thanks to our almost exclusively in-house production, Decobel stands apart from the traditional figure of the textile editor, cutting out the supplier to personally control and guarantee every stage of production and edition. Constant dialogue and exchange with architects and interior designers go hand in hand with continual attention to market requirements. Our collection teams classic taste, that luxury created by artisan skills and fine sophisticated materials, with a desire for trendiness, in amazing unforgettable colours and combinations.  The most refined, world-renowned classicism made in Italy is incessantly reworked to enhance our company’s characteristic trademark of “on-trend classic” taste.