2016 Collection









Decobel has a wide-ranging, varied collection for 2016, featuring new character while staying loyal to its trademark style. Evolution is evident, the innovation that not only respects, but also enhances the nature of the product.
The fabrics in the 2016 collection are experiments in textiles that, backed by technical innovation and design flair, go beyond the concept of Italian style to fully embrace the concept of Made in Italy.










The architect Fabio Rotella

has designed the

new Decobel DecoRCollection,

collaboration that has led

to the creation of textiles featuring

exclusive geometrics and patterns,

merging artistic study of the graphics

with a 3D effect optical illusion,

for decorating inspiring rooms.











Every Decobel creation is the highest expression of artisan knowhow, a new concept of luxury that merges tradition, history, elegance and a unique style. Hand-processed fabrics and velvets adorn the most exclusive of furnishings with a constantly new reworking of elegance.

Innovation and Emotion







Decobel narrates the world of textiles and their timeless beauty with a savoir faire based on feelings that never ignores the importance of research, technological analysis of the materials and weaving, making innovation an inherent part of the company’s philosophy.