The 2022 Decobel collection: made in Italy, craftsmanship, a strong DNA deeply rooted in the knowledge of fabrics and fibers are the key elements of the company’s new products. But the true star of the collection is beauty: a collection that will bring elegance, quiet luxury, bright and sophisticated colors into your home, whether it’s curtains, furniture, details.


Is not the name of a fabric, but of a work of art. A precious, decorative fabric and classic in a different way. The latest Decobel development is a jacquard velvet, pleasantly soft and warm to the touch, very thick and which makes any artefact comfortable and inviting. But there is much more to it. RigaFiorita is a rare and exclusive product, with thousands of details in terms of both design and construction. It is woven on a loom of the most modern type, unique of its kind, on which weaving preparation is performed automatically by using highly sophisticated mechanisms. Made by using a technique named “two-body”, that is, two groups of colors shading off into each other, it is a velvet fabric in a thousand different nuances, enhanced by a totally innovative pattern which is an exclusive Decobel creation. RigaFiorita is a fabric in between art and design, with classic naturalistic elements flowing through a contemporary short-circuit: the floral pattern starts flowing, swallowed up by the liquidness of shape, changes into a stripe and then resumes the original pattern exactly from the point where it has been interrupted. It is crowned with a finely worked adamantine background which creates precious effects through brilliant plays of light.


Shadow gets its name from the weaving technique used on this fabric which is made visible through the light refracting in different ways on the yarns just like a shadow, thus, creating a sophisticated play of light and shade.It is a rare velvet for many reasons: its manufacturing requires the use of an artfully-built loom with a mixed dobby and jacquard technique which very few know how to fine-tune. The best result is obtained by using mohair yarn which is resilient and lustrous enough to enhance the light effects. The pattern is elegant and subtle, yet never too evident, and changes with the light refracting on it. It is highly durable, wear-resistant and, more importantly, the pattern’s definition withstands high stress and friction: a masterpiece of technical finesse and quality, composed of noble, strong and eco-sustainable fibers.

Available in 6 colors.


Lord Wool  is our new woolen fabric and it adds to the one hundred Ovis colors of the Decobel collection.

Though more fashion-oriented than Ovis, it is a soft, springy, pleasant and high-performance fabric. Suitable for decorative purposes such as drapery owing to its natural brilliance and soft fold pleats, it can also be used for fine and sophisticated paddings, both classic and contemporary, being incredibly wear-resistant and having a low tendency to lint.

Piece-dyeing gives the fabric  precious and fascinating veins and ton-sur-ton melange effects which make it elegant and contemporary-looking.

Wool is a wear-resistant, comfortable, stretch and moisture-wicking material by its nature: employed as a clothing material for years, it has become widely used in home décor and design as well.

It comes in 24 color variants, to choose the nuance that meets the most diverse needs.


A double-weft construction which gives an uncommon raised effect considering its light  weight, yet extremely elegant and with a diamond-like brilliance. Suitable for heavy drapery combined with sheer or semi-sheer curtains, it can be used for cushions and tabletop covers or chair and armchair padding for decorative use. The pattern, as the name clearly suggests, is a small raised, barely visible and precious diamond.

It comes in three color variants- cream, gardenia and rope- which pair well with the simple lightness of Anita or Adelia.


Luminance contrasts and texture effects created by a succession of thin threads going from right to left: it is the so-called leno weaving technique which allows us to make a rough-textured, elaborate and yet light and sheer drapery fabric. Uneven slub effects blend in with the yarns’ sophisticated brilliance, skillfully balanced between metallic and natural.

It is available in three colors: White, Cream, Ecru. Considering its decorative and sheer characteristics, we suggest to pair Intrecciodifili with  Calma Piatta, which completes and enhances it.

This pairing is interesting also with accessories, for instance, a cushion made with Calma Piatta can be upholstered with Intrecciodifili, giving an embroidered effect on an elegant satin ground.


An elegant cotton and polyester satin with a silky and sophisticated handle: Calma Piatta, contrary to the images evoked by its name, is extremely versatile and suitable for many uses.  Not only it can be combined with the collection’s sheer drapery fabrics to make double curtains, but it is also suitable for decorative purposes, by adding elegant and precious touches to all furnishing styles. Being highly wear-resistant, it is perfect for decorative chairs and armchairs; the fabric’s over three-meter width allows to make seamless cushions and bedspreads.

Available in a palette of  neutral  warm and cold colors which are suitable for both classic, contemporary and modern interiors, the fabric preserves its beautiful touch, its soft and bright surface over time together with easy maintenance.