STYLE 3215

STYLE 3215 Back STYLE 3215 is a silk jacquard in 10 colors. Damask with a painterly appearance due to the different weaves that play with the texture. Elegant and sophisticated, it is an upholstery fabric that brings an old-world charm to your home. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS COL 01 COL 03 COL 06 COL 08 COL […]


SOFT MARBLE 3053 Back SOFT MARBLE 3053 is a velvet with a silky appearance due to the directional pile and maximum softness that allows uses beyond upholstery. In 29 color variations. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS


SMOOTH 4051 Back Smooth is a viscose, heavyweight, silky-effect, high-pile, thick, soft plain velvet with an extremely satisfying hand. Available in 22 color variations. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS


SIGNORIA 7100 Back Signoria is one of our important unites, a simply elegant velvet intended for wide consumption due to its intermediate weight and wide range of colors. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS COL 29 COL 69 COL 63 COL 76 COL 26 COL 71 COL 28 COL 100 COL 73 COL 58 COL 22 COL 37 […]


MERIDIANI 1035 Back A refined woolen plain that is the result of a careful selection of the finest yarns and a high level of workmanship. Thanks to its excellent quality and its adaptability and versatility, Ovis 1010 is the ideal fabric that, on its own or in coordination, is able to respond as much to […]


HERMES 7101 Back HERMES 7101 is a pleated cotton velvet in 15 colors. Compact and fine it can be found in the Decobel collection among the United Precious. The pleating furrows of irregular, elegant and understated waves move its surface making it three-dimensional and modern. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS

GORKY 3313

GORKY 3313 Back Textural and primitive, an irregular velvet whose strong point lies in its deliberately raw appeal, with a distinct personality, that accommodates with absolute modernity armchairs and sofas that will become the stars of your home. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS


GINGER 4204 Back From the base of our iconic Caravaggio, comes a cotton velvet with an elegantly whispered 3d pattern. A pattern to play with and decorate your home furnishings with innate style. Available in 13 colorways. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS COL 26S COL 76S COL 22S COL 48S COL 07S COL 42S COL 113S COL […]


GEODESIA 4312 Back From special three-dimensional geodesic designs, our item is of a soft and durable wool on felt base. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, it is perfect for those looking for never predictable, quality furnishings. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS

GEMMA 7106

SHADOW Back Three-dimensional fabrics have become an important part of Decobel collections, and with products such as GEMMA 7106, study and technical innovation are aimed at creating new, original, and surprising products. GEMMA 7106 features a diamond pattern, in 9 colors. PDF PRODUCT DETAILS