The 2024 Collection by Decobel: made in Italy, craftsmanship, a DNA based on a profound knowledge of fabrics and fibres, are the cornerstones of the company’s new products. But it is beauty that is the protagonist: a collection that will enter your home and conquer it with elegance, discreet luxury, refined and luminous colours. Be it curtains, furnishings, details.


Comfort, luxury and value are immediately perceived in this top-quality velvet. In addition to the 100% virgin wool pile which is dyed before woven into fabric, it features an exclusive mélange that gives it unique characteristics. This fabric’s ideal use is as upholstery for armchairs and sofas, but also for accessories and curtains which become unique with this product.
Available in 14 color variants


Wool with the Prince of Wales pattern is a classic and sophisticated fabric, known for its everlasting refinement. In the Decobel collection, this fabric stands for timeless elegance, embracing style without ever losing its distinctive charm. The starting point is Lord Wool, which pairs and completes the match. Ideal for elegant padded furniture, perfect also for cushions, drapery and curtains.
Available in 9 color variants.


An extraordinary textile work of art, rich in details and patterns which come together in a blend of natural beauty and craftsmanship. The pure silk base creates a bright ground, highlighting the magnificent flowers featuring sophisticated and elaborate patterns that stand out on the white satin background. The extraordinary 140 cm-width and lack of repeats lend Paradise a one-of-a-kind uniqueness. Suitable for a variety of uses, including decorations of all kinds and fine decorative padding.
Available in 3 color variants


An innovative woolen interpretation of the complex and amazing three-dimensional quilting technique of the Decobel tradition. What makes this fabric truly unique is the original quilting technique developed, which makes it an icon within the collection. With its distinctive and versatile nature, it is suitable for a wide range of furnishing solutions, from classic and contemporary style to state-of-the-art design. Wool contributes to the product’s high performance also in terms of durability.
Available in 8 color variants.


A veritable ‘fabric of desire’ evoking an informal, festive and wonderfully ‘well-worn’ atmosphere. Made of pure linen, an increasingly precious and exclusive fiber, this fabric features thick, strong and visible weft threads which, once interwoven, create a contemporary and refined texture. A key ingredient for contemporary projects with a naturally elegant allure. Suitable for various uses, such as padding with a removable cover, accessories and drapery.
Available in 22 color variants


A veritable tribute to the Florentine Renaissance style reinterpreted in a contemporary design through modern production techniques and a fashionable pattern arrangement. Made on the basis of the fine Lord Wool, this fabric is inspired by famous patterns used for Renaissance fabrics. A true masterwork, in only one color variant, which contains and matches all the collection’s base colors.
Available only in one splendid color variant.