The new home fragrance by Decobel

A fragrance as precious as our fabrics, created in collaboration with Bugetti Essenze..

We wanted to tell you about us without words. To describe the passion we put into our fabrics and the preciousness of our raw materials without adjectives. But at the same time we wanted all this to take shape and body in front of your eyes, slowly, with the times and grace that characterise our work.

A fragrance. A fragrance that smelled of the earth that is part of our DNA, of its strong and elegant style at the same time. To be seen in our customers’ homes, in our partners’ showrooms next to Decobel‘s signature velvets and silks.

In this new adventure, we have chosen an exceptional travelling companion, Bugetti, who, like Decobel, thinks of the home as a place for the soul. Specialised in high craftsmanship interior furnishings, for some years now they have completed their collection with home essences. Afundamental element in furnishing a space. For Decobel, we have chosen Volterra with them, a fragrance that encapsulates the olfactory elements we find when walking through the village and the surrounding countryside. Camomile, lavender, light flowers and woody notes tell of those places with delicacy and authenticity.

The result is a precious and elegant bottle, which we have enclosed in our 3D fabrics, creating a close dialogue between two companies that have chosen Made in Italy as the centre of their work and are happy to share it.